More than 400 European experts
participate in the project HAPPY PATIENT
to optimize the use of antibiotics

• One of the research lines of the HAPPY PATIENT European project is to develop a strategy to improve communication between professionals and patients. • As the celebration of the European Day for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics approaches on November 18, it is worth remembering that the adequacy of...

“A good use of communication reduces the
arbitrary prescription of antibiotics by 25-30%”

The first session of the HAPPY PATIENT Communication skills: Training the trainers for the countries taking part in the project took place yesterday afternoon. The topic addressed was the need to integrate communication skills into clinical practice and, more specifically, when deciding on the prescription of antibiotics. Nieves Barragán and Lucía Arias, as members of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC)...

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HAPPY PATIENT targets both patients, primary health care professionals (general practitioners, nurses, dentists and pharmacists), health care professionals working at OOH services, and nursing homes. We will invite the scientific committees and the relevant societies for all the professionals involved (family doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, OOH services, and nursing homes),...