HAPPY PATIENT project concludes in Barcelona with a fruitful final conference

On December 1st, the final conference of HAPPY PATIENT took place in Barcelona, bringing together nearly 50 people, including project partners and professionals from the academic, health, and research fields. It served as a gathering point to address the public health issue of antibiotic resistance on a European and global...

HAPPY PATIENT has improved the correct use of antibiotics curbing antimicrobial resistance in Europe

In Europe, nearly 35,000 people die each year due to antimicrobial resistance, mainly caused by inappropriate antibiotic use, as reflected in data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. This is a global public health problem, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has already identified as one of...

Participation of the HAPPY PATIENT team in World Antibiotic Awareness Week

The HAPPY PATIENT team is joining World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Specifically, Maarten Lambert and Katja Taxis have been invited to an event organized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). This Monday, Lambert was one of five panelists presenting some results of the HAPPY PATIENT project in a webinar with around...

Carl Llor: «One of the successes of HAPPY PATIENT has been its powerful coordinating team and the good understanding among all partners»

The coordinator of HAPPY PATIENT, Dr. Carl Llor, researcher at IDIAP Jordi Gol and family doctor, explains in this interview his role in the project and everything that working on it for three years alongside professionals from around Europe has brought to him. HAPPY PATIENT emerges as a standout initiative...

HAPPY PATIENT supports European Antibiotic Awareness Day

In Europe, around 35,000 individuals die annually to antimicrobial resistance, primarily stemming from the inappropriate use of antibiotics. This poses a public health dilemma necessitating immediate actions to safeguard the well-being of the population. In this context, HAPPY PATIENT has played a role in enhancing the correct prescription and dispensation...

European Commission proposes a unified market for medicines and incentives for antibiotic development to address drug shortages in EU

The European Commission has recently put forth a proposal to amend the EU pharmaceutical legislation on April 26, 2023 (available at This proposed revision aims to establish a unified market for medicines across all EU member states, thereby promoting greater accessibility to novel and effective drugs while also tackling...

Spain becomes a benchmark in Europe in the fight against antimicrobial resistance thanks to PROA certification standard

Global increase in antimicrobial resistance and complexity of infectious disease make it essential to establish Antimicrobial Use Optimization Programs (PROA) in the community and hospital areas. These programs have the objective of optimizing prescription of antibiotics, guaranteeing optimal clinical results, minimizing adverse effects derived from their use, controlling the appearance...

More than 400 European experts
participate in the project HAPPY PATIENT
to optimize the use of antibiotics

• One of the research lines of the HAPPY PATIENT European project is to develop a strategy to improve communication between professionals and patients. • As the celebration of the European Day for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics approaches on November 18, it is worth remembering that the adequacy of...