Professor Lars Bjerrum highlights the role of the IDIAPJGol in European research projects

Last week, the Research Institute in Primary Healthcare IDIAPJGol and the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) presented their Annual Awards for Research in Primary Health Care IDIAPJGol-ICS”. A total of 23 researchers were awarded in different categories. The main purpose of the awards is to continue fostering high-quality research at the primary care level.

One of the categories includes visits to international research institutes, where researchers can learn from experts in other countries and bring back the knowledge acquired, thereby promoting and enhancing international collaboration among our researchers.

The event was particularly focused on highlighting the international experience and influence of IDIAPJGol, featuring a conference by Professor Lars Bjerrum. Lars Bjerrum is a general practitioner, pharmacologist, and professor of General Practice at the University of Copenhagen. He has been involved in numerous projects and research studies concerning the appropriate use of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). He served as the coordinator of the European-funded project called HAPPY AUDIT (2007) and was one of the key members of HAPPY PATIENT and IMAGINE, led by Carl Llor, a researcher at IDIAPJGol and ICS.

Lars Bjerrum took the opportunity to highlight the prominent role that IDIAPJGol has acquired in recent years in European research projects. “International collaboration is essential to finding sustainable solutions […] and accessing major sources of funding”, he stated.

Furthermore, Bjerrum argued that «there are global issues—such as the fight against microbial resistance, likely to be the main health challenge of the coming decades—that can only be addressed through international collaboration. In this regard, IDIAPJGol is increasingly present and significant in these initiatives.

«It has been an absolute pleasure to have Lars as a speaker today, delivering this conference in impeccably good Spanish, and sharing his extensive experience in international collaboration, specifically in the field of AMR. The interaction he had with the researchers attending this conference is a clear example of the great interest in his speech,» declared Carl Llor.