Training healthcare professionals and empowering the patient.

HAPPY PATIENT is The Health Alliance for Prudent Prescription and Yield of Antibiotics from a Patient-Centred Perspective

The current misleading antibiotics prescription in many European countries is one of the biggest threats to western societies.

Up to 25,000 people die every year in Europe as a direct consequence of the misuse of antibiotics, a figure that rises up to 30,000 in the United States (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

The HAPPY PATIENT project is a 3 year Project co-funded by the 3rd Health Programme of the European Union under the Grant Agreement number: 900024.

HAPPY PATIENT seeks to reduce the impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by decreasing the inappropriate use of antimicrobials for the management of common community-acquired infection.

HAPPY PATIENT builds upon evidence and proposes an innovative patient-centred approach. The patient-centred strategy implies the involvement of all health
care-providers acting as main point of contact for the management of community-acquired infections. It means the project will include HCPs working in general
practice, OOH services, dentists, nursing homes and community pharmacies. This will be implemented in 5 Target Countries (Spain, France, Lithuania, Poland and
Greece) with diverse health systems, incomes and level of antimicrobial medicines consumption.

The HAPPY PATIENT consortium contains a wide diversity of geographical and professional coverage throughout the EU.