WHO IS WHO in HAPPY PATIENT: University of Groningen – RUG

The Department of PharmacoTherapy -Epidemiology and Economics of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) is responsible for WP6 which is leading the Audit cycles in community pharmacies and adapting the APO Templates to pharmacies in the Target Countries.

The members who are participating in the HAPPY PATIENT project come from very different clinical/professional backgrounds (including clinicians [medical, pharmacy], sociologists, mathematicians), which are integrated to enable detailed examination of the use of drugs within routine clinical care.

Our partners from the University of Groningen are active researchers and some of them are also members from the EuroDURG network, which is a very active organization which aims to improve drug utilisation. 

Among the tasks of this partner, the University of Groningen, led by Maarten Lambert and Katja Taxis, are adapting the APO Templates to pharmacies in the Target Countries and guiding the national partners to recruit pharmacy professionals through short courses and workshops with medical specialists in infectious disease. They are asking them to participate in the whole project, encompassing a first registration, the intervention and a second registration after the intervention. 

This innovative approach will empower European pharmacists and allow them to discuss about their own practice, so they improve their antimicrobial prescription by collaborating with professionals from the 5 target countries (Spain, France, Poland, Greece and Lithuania).

Maarten Lambert introduces University of Groningen