WHO IS WHO in HAPPY PATIENT: Region Hovedstaden – CAPREG

Denmark comprises five regions that are responsible for solving health, environmental business and social issues. The Capital Region of Denmark is the largest region in Denmark and consists of 29 municipalities with a total of 1,807,404 inhabitants. In Danish the name is Region Hovedstaden (Region H).

Region H’s biggest task is to operate a health system that prevents and treats illness and injuries with high professional calibre and consistency in care. This occurs in collaboration with local authorities, general practitioners and therapists. Region H has excellent research environments, including within the health system, where research is translated into better treatments.


REGION H – WP 5 Leader 

The REGION H is the leader of the Work Package 5 which goal is to reduce the inappropriate use of antibiotics in common infectious diseases in Nursing Homes

The main infections which are targeted by the HAPPY PATIENT consortium are:

· Respiratory 

· Urinary tract 


· Skin infections.

REGION H is targeting nursing home professionals (GPs and Nurses) and residents, following the Audit Project Odense (APO) methodology.

Together with the five host countries REGION H are adapting APO templates for nursing home professionals in order to implement the EU guidelines for the prudent use of antimicrobials in human health to each of the targeted countries reality.