These are the HAPPY PATIENT tools to fight
antimicrobial resistance with communication

The HAPPY PATIENT European projectThe Health Alliance for Prudent Prescription and Yield of Antibiotics from a Patient-Centred Perspective, has taken another step forward in its goal of reducing the arbitrary prescription of antibiotics in 4 target countries of the European Union where this type of prescription is higher (Spain, France, Greece and Poland, in addition to Lithuania, which is a country that the project consortium takes as a reference of good practices).

The new step is the publication of communication tools, a set of materials in an open format and available to all health professionals who wish to improve the way they prescribe.

These materials address the doubts and problems that may exist at different levels of care, from Primary Care to Nursing Homes through Pharmacies, and offer very useful knowledge guides specially designed for use by professionals who carry out their activity in each one. Of these fields (Family Doctors/General Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Nurses).

HAPPY PATIENT Leaflet Viruses or bacteria: What caused your Infection?

In this leaflet, the information is available to everyone in a visual and practical way. With a simple and easily consulted table, it is possible to see the type of Infection, the possible Common Cause, and whether Antibiotics can be prescribed in this situation or not.

You can download the document here [+]

HAPPY PATIENT Urinary tract infections: A leaflet for older adults and their families

This leaflet is especially aimed at all those people who have to manage situations of urinary tract infection with their relatives or with patients in nursing homes.

The document visually and attractively summarizes what needs to be done to prevent and manage them.

You can download it here [+]

HAPPY PATIENT Antibiotics Prescription Pad

The antibiotic-free prescription pad is another of the innovative materials that HAPPY PATIENT publishes. The idea is that the family doctor or the prescriber, in general, can use it in the consultation, in the pharmacy, in residence or in the Primary Care emergency services.

You can download it here [+]

HAPPY PATIENT 5 myths about urinary tract infections (UTIs) in nursing home residents

The document 5 Myths About Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Nursing Homes aims to debunk some of the misconceptions about antibiotics in nursing homes.

In total, there are 5 myths collected in the graph, and they touch on various aspects of the health of the elderly, from the Do Not Do criteria to mental health.

You can download this document here [+]

What you need to know if you have been prescribed an antibiotic

Finally, given the case in which an antibiotic has been prescribed, this document offers the patient all the summarized information about the need to consume antibiotics responsibly and follow the criteria set by the family doctor/pharmacist/nurse.

In the document, it is possible to indicate the duration of the treatment, and the advice and the procedure to follow for its correct use, as well as its secondary effects, are put into context.

You can download this document here [+]